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“To sing once is to pray twice!” St. Augustine    St. Mary of the Knobs is a parish known to sing and pray well. In addition to having many singers, the parish abounds with musical talent. If you have fostered your God-given gift of music and wish to share it with the parish for the glory of God, consider being involved in one of the following ways:


  • Instrumentalist - Organ/piano artists, guitarists, and various instrumentalists serve the parish and enhance the Liturgy by sharing their God-given talents with the faith


  • Cantor - Leader of sung Vocalists with pleasant voices and a love for Scripture will be trained to lead the sung prayer of our faith community. Cantors serve in a primary role at each of the three week end Masses. Junior Cantors are trained and begin serving as cantor at weekend Masses as young as the 6th grade.


  • Choirs: Adult, Teen, Children, Cherub  — Do you sing in the shower or along with the radio? Consider lending your voice to a choir. There is great fun and satisfaction in being part of a group whose primary purpose is to touch the heart of God and His people through song.


  • Handbell Choir - Ringers have a special touch! St. Mary of the Knobs is blessed to have a four octave set of handbells. Rhythm and desire will land you a place at the table in the Handbell If you have always wanted to play an instrument but are not quite sure which one, this “instrument” takes many players to achieve its best sound. Join the fun of ringing in the special seasons!


  • Contemporary Ensemble (Guitar Group) This group offers a different style of music than a choir and is a vital part of the Liturgy at various times. Call 812-923-2460


  • Youth Mini-Orchestra - Calling all YOUTH MUSICIANS! Stewardship involves sharing your gifts with our parish no matter your age. Instrumentalists 7th grade and up are invited to participate at weekend Masses and special occasions by sharing your musical gift. Rehearsals will be scheduled per event. Contact Jennifer Gordon at gordonjenni [email protected] or 812-697-0945. 


  • Technical Support / Sound Control –Volunteers will be trained to handle the microphone system and to use sound and recording equipment of the parish.