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  • Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist - Are you looking for a way to grow your faith in the Eucharist? Consider this ministry! Dedicated persons who minister the Body and Blood of Jesus to parishioners during Mass.This is a commissioned ministry for fully initiated Catholics (Confirmed). Ministers are trained and scheduled. It’s a wonderful way to increase your participation in the


  • Nursing Home/Homebound Ministry - Distribution of Holy Commu- nion to shut-in parishioners, to residents at Azalea Hills retirement com- munity, and other Nursing Home facilities. This is a very special ministry that touches the lives of those unable to attend Mass, reminding them that they are still a vital part of our faith Training is provided.


  • Lector - Proclaimers of the Word of God! From the mouth of the pro- claimer to the ears of the hearers, the Word of God comes alive. Adults and youth with a love of Holy Scripture, with good voice quality, who enunciate clearly and read with understanding are invited to participate in proclaiming the Word of God at Training is provided.


  • Gift Bearer - Families / individuals to present the gifts of bread and wine during Mass. Since the early days of the Church the bread and wine needed for consecration have been brought forth from the community. Today, as these gifts pass us in procession we are invited to symbolically place ourselves within the bowl on the altar to be transformed and become Christ for the world.


  • Server 

           Reverent and conscientious adults, teens and pre-teens (girls and boys) prepare for and assist at Liturgies. Adults serve primarily at weekday Masses. Youth serve at weekend Masses and weekday school Masses. Training is provided for this necessary ministry where individuals serve God, the priest-presider and the assembly.