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Welcome to SMK's Kindergarten - Grade 12 Faith Formation!


How does your "Domestic Church" offer a place to grow in holiness?

Let SMK Faith Formation provide support for your family!

WHAT IS THE DOMESTIC CHURCH?   The pandemic has brought to light a term in our Catholic Faith - "domestic church."  How many Catholics are even aware of the phrase “domestic church."  As Catholics, we may assume that our faith life is meant to be lived at the parish. The domestic church is just the place Catholics lived when they weren’t at Mass. Of course that is not what it is meant to be.

As we return to parish life, let us all remember the importance of our domestic church life, which includes our family & friends at home, work, school, and social gatherings.  Let us all keep working hard to develop it. The domestic church is meant to be the primary place we encounter God’s love, grow in holiness, spread the Gospel, and build the Kingdom. The Catholic Church tells us that the domestic church does not exist to support the parish.  Rather, the parish exists to support the Christian life of the domestic church — the family.  In Amoris Laetitia, Pope Francis refers to the Church as a “family of families” (No. 87). He does not refer to it as a community of parishes.  How beautiful that we belong to such a holy family - the Catholic Church!

You may read more about the domestic church in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraphs 1655-1666 here.

In providing support and guidance for your family's domestic church, you will have 2 options:

  1. AT-HOME Faith Formation
  2. IN-PERSON Faith Formation

Your family must register prior to attending any session.  We must provide the safest environment for our children and catechists.  If you ever decide to join IN-PERSON sessions, we must know prior to you attending.  We are unable to take your registration when you show up for the session like we have in the past.  Please register or contact Francine Gettelfinger (CRE) so we are able to provide a safe environment for all.

  1) Kindergarten - Gr. 8 AT-HOME Faith Formation will be provided digitally with a hard copy of the student material.  There will be Parent guides and many resources available online. Student materials will be available online and a hard copy.  You will be provided with a link to register for the online material.  There will be a pick-up time for the hard copy material when they are delivered to church.  Please register below if you wish to provide your family's Faith Formation AT-HOME.  If you ever decide to join us for IN-PERSON Faith Formation, you will need to contact Francine Gettelfinger (CRE) prior to attending any session.  

      Grade 9 - 12 AT-Home Faith Formation:  There are a few options with our high school youth.  After you have registered, you will be notified of options.

AT-HOME Faith Formation Registration Here


2) Kindergarten - Gr. 12 IN-PERSON Faith Formation will be provided using guidelines to keep our families safe. When your child attends Faith Formation sessions at SMK, please know we are taking every reasonable precaution to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  While no ordinary measures can prevent contagion 100%, we are confident that our arrival/dismissal procedures, the social distancing employed in classrooms/shared spaces and our cleaning protocols between sessions will go a long way toward making our parish a safe place to grow in the Faith.  Please be attentive to all communications and updates about our SMK Faith Formation program so that, together, we can help our precious children be physically and spiritually healthy.

It is with a positive attitude and God given grace that we will approach this new year.  We will use our creativity to “reimagine” our sessions so that it is as safe as possible for in-person instruction.  Our number one priority is the safety of our SMK family.  Therefore, we will implement CDC and IDOE recommendations at SMK for our Faith Formation sessions. 

Kindergarten - Grade 10 IN-Person Faith Formation meets between masses on Sunday, 9:00 - 10:15AM.  The schedule can be found below.

If you wish to register for IN-PERSON Faith Formation, please use the link below.

IN-PERSON Faith Formation Registration Here


In order to keep all of our families safe, you will need to read the guidelines and procedures prior to attending any Faith Formation sessions.

2020-21 SMK Faith Formation Session Procedure & Guidelines Here


2020-21 IN-PERSON Kindergarten - Grade 10 Schedule