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Masses to resume May 24/25 Weekend at St. Mary of the Knobs Catholic Church.

Masses will resume at St. Mary of the Knobs the weekend of May 24/25. Mass times will remain at 4:30pm Saturdays and 8 and 10:30am on Sundays

For now, Masses will be limited to 30% capacity across the Archdiocese which means St Mary of the Knobs Church Mass capacity is 275. On Sundays, for the 10:30 AM Mass only, we will celebrate Mass in the Church and Geis Center (Capacity for Geis Center is 300).
• The Archbishop is strongly recommending those considered “at-risk” by the CDC (65-years and over and those with high-risk health conditions) SHOULD REMAIN AT HOME and not attend Mass in person for their own safety. Masks and face coverings are recommended on-campus & during Mass.
• There will be one lector, a few extraordinary ministers, one cantor, one musician, no altar servers, and no choirs.
• No holding hands during the Lord’s Prayer
• No Sign of Peace
• Baskets will not be used during the offertory. You will be able to place your weekly gift in a basket as you exit the church.
• Holy Communion will be distributed after the final Mass blessing.
• Holy Communion will be distributed only by the Host – the Body of Christ.
• The Precious Blood will not be offered to the congregation.
• Bring your own hand sanitizer to use before receiving Holy Communion. Archbishop Thompson recommends Holy Communion be received in the hands and not on the tongue (for the time being).
• Use of personal hand sanitizer before Holy Communion is strongly encouraged. (Please, bring your own).
• No blessing of non-Communicants will be offered by directive of the Archdiocese (for now)
• We will sanitize pews in between every Mass• Disinfecting bathrooms, door handles, and other frequently touched surfaces occur throughout the day.
• Parish staff and Ushers will be required to wear face masks, wash hands, and will be screened for COVID19 symptoms.


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