Sacrament of Matrimony:

At least one person needs to be Catholic and a participating member of the parish for at least 12 months in order for the couple to wed at St. Marys. Please note that St. Marys also requires a preparation process of a minimum six months prior to a wedding date. No date can be confirmed until the priest has met with the couple to determine that nothing stands in the way of the valid and licit celebration of the proposed wedding (ecclesiastical
canon 1066) and to begin the preparation process. Weddings cannot be scheduled after 1:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

The following information is particular to St. Mary of the Knobs
A Saturday Wedding must have a start time no later than 1:00 PM.
  (This will accommodate a 30 minute photography session and clean-up.)


There are certain seasons of the year when the Church is decorated to fit the liturgical season. Thus, they cannot be moved or rearranged. If your wedding is to occur during one of these times, we ask you to take into consideration the existing decorations. These are:  prior to and immediately after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

For questions concerning Decorations in the Church - contact:  
Paig Trinkle 812-987-1277

If using Fresh Flowers, please contact Marcia Koetter 812-987-1277 to move Silk Arrangements.

Items available for use: 
Parish Candles and/or Candelabra, Silk Arrangements, Unity Candle Table, Pedestals and flower pots.

Access the photo album for pictures of flower placement, available Silk Arrangements and measurements for pedestals & flower pots.

Offering to Parish for CHAPEL  $625.00
Non-parishioner Offering for CHAPEL    $1,100.00
Offering to Parish for CHURCH    $950.00
Non-parishioner Offering for CHURCH    $1,700.00
A non-refundable deposit of $250 is included in the above fees
The Priest Stipend of $200 is included in the above fees.
FLORAL Rental Fees
Special WEDDING silk arrangements are available to rent. Speak with Environment Coordinator or Marilyn Merkel for details. Preview them at
CHURCH fee for TWO (2) arrangements $125.00
CHAPEL fee per arrangement $35.00