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2017-18 SMKFF Registration: Kindergarten - Grade 12                        

You may register below for K-12 FF sessions.

2017-18 SMKFF Calendar

Juniors & Seniors

SMK Faith Formation Kindergarten – Grade 12

SMK K - 12 Faith Formation meets Sunday mornings, 9 – 10:15 a. m. 

Kindergarten – Grade 8 uses the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies program.  Each lesson flows from the words of Jesus Christ in the Sunday Gospels. Children learn their faith – including instructions in doctrine, sacraments, commandments, and prayer – within the rhythms and seasons of the liturgical year, encouraging a growing participation in the life of the parish community.

Freshmen & Sophomores will be delving deeper in their Catholic faith with Confirmation preparation in mind.

Juniors and Seniors study the mass using Altaration: The Mystery of the Mass Revealed by Ascension Press.  Altaration is a study on the Mass for teens that features powerful cinematography, inspiring presenters, and engaging workbook resources. Altaration uses humor, stories, and small group discussion to capture your teen’s attention and instill in them a deep and lasting love for the Mass.

We prepare and celebrate for First Reconciliation in grade 2, First Eucharist in grade 3, and Confirmation in grades 10 – 12. Information regarding sacrament preparation can be found by selecting the Home Menu tab SACRAMENTS.

If your child has not celebrated Reconciliation or Eucharist and is older than the preparation years, please contact Francine Gettelfinger, for individualized preparation.

Please complete and submit the form below to register for the 2017-18 SMKFF year:

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I understand that, although St. Mary of the Knobs will endeavor to use the photograph in accordance with standards of good judgement, St. Mary of the Knobs cannot warrant or guarantee that any further dissemination of the photograph will be subject to parish supervision or control. Accordingly, I release St. Mary of the Knobs from any and all liability related to dissemination of the photography.

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