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Blog News

2018 Corvette Cash Raffle WINNERS Announced!

Posted by Elaine Davis on 8/19/18

We are proud to announce the Winners of the 2018 SMK Corvette/Cash Raffle! Jackie Kirby of Louisville, Ky was the Grand Prize winner of either $75,000 or a 2019 Corvette. Steve Klein of Sellersburg, IN won 2nd place of $2,000. Theresa Welch of Floyds Knobs won 3rd place of ... Read More »

SMK Faith Formation Registration--Aug 25 & 26 After All Masses

Posted by Elaine Davis on 8/13/18

Dates:       August 25th and 26th Time:       AFTER ALL MASSES Location:   ASSUMPTION HALL                      

Suggested Fee: $20 per child /$60 max/family

First Session is September 9th 9-10:15am in school gym.

Or you may go online at If you register online, you may pay the suggested fee at the registration time ... Read More »

Confirmation Meeting August 26 at Noon. Assumption Hall

Posted by Elaine Davis on 8/13/18

Parents and youth (Grades 10-12), there will be an informational gathering Sunday, August 26 at 12pm in Assumption Hall. This meeting is for those preparing to celebrate in the 2019 year.

Get your Knobsfest Capital Prize Tickets today!

Posted by Elaine Davis on 7/30/18

Knobsfest Capital Prize tickets are on sale now!

Call 812-923-3011 to order, or stop by the office.

Tickets also available for purchase in Gathering Space after Mass.

Tickets are $25 each and you could WIN a Cub Cadet Challenger 400 UV OR $5,000 CASH!

Your Choice.

Buy your Knobsfest Dance Tickets Now!

Posted by Elaine Davis on 7/19/18

Knobsfest Tickets are on Sale now online.

Buy online and Save. $7 each or $10 at the Dance.


Check out the 2-Day Itinerary of Knobsfest

Posted by Elaine Davis on 7/19/18

Knobsfest is coming soon, and we have the complete itinerary for you to make your plans to attend.



Saturday, Aug 18, 2018


Make your plans now to attend all the happenings of Knobsfest!*MASS    4:30PM (CHURCH)Gambling & Beer Garden    6:00PMFood Trucks    6:00pm-12:00pm*DANCE    9:00PM-Midnight (Louisville Crashers)

SUNDAY, ... Read More »

4th SMK Corvette Early Bird Announced!

Posted by Elaine Davis on 7/19/18

Father Mike picked the winner of the 4th Early Bird and it was....MARK AKERS of Cleveland, Ohio! Congratulations!

Knobsfest needs your donations.

Posted by Elaine Davis on 7/19/18

Please help us with items needed to make Knobsfest a success! Below is what we’re asking parishioners to donate: • 2  2-liters--Ring Toss Booth• 1 pie--To Serve At Dinner• 1 cake--Cake Booth• 2 Bags O’ Loot--Bag O’ Loot Booth• Gift Cards ($5-$15 values)--Gift Card Booth. This is a great ... Read More »

Summer Daze was a Success!

Posted by Elaine Davis on 6/29/18

Thank you to everyone that participated in Summer Daze the past 3 Tuesdays!  

Our middle school youth provided service to Mount St. Francis, Catholic Charities of Louisville, and our very own school at SMK.  Thank you to St. Mary Navilleton, St. John Starlight, and Holy Family for joining in ... Read More »

3rd Corvette Raffle Early Bird Winner announced!

Posted by Elaine Davis on 6/20/18

Congratulations to Melvin Rosenberger, Winner of the 3rd Early Bird Winner of the 2018 SMK Corvette/Cash Raffle!

But there's another FINAL Early Bird. Buy tickets BEFORE JULY 18 and be automatically entered to WIN $500!

Call 812-923-8192 or order tickets online at


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