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Faith Formation

Faith Formation

2017-18 SMKFF Registration: Kindergarten - Grade 12                        

Dates:       August 26th and 27th

Time:         AFTER ALL MASSES

Location:   ASSUMPTION HALL                      

  • Suggested Fee: $20 per child /$60 maximum per family
  • First Session is September 10th 9-10:15am in the school gym.

Or you may register below. You may pay the suggested fee at the registration time or the first session, September 10th.

All Faith Formation families are welcome, September 10, 9am in the school gym, for doughnuts and drinks. We will begin the new year in prayer as one family. The youth will be dismissed to their catechists and begin the session. Parents may stay and mingle or return at 10:15am for pick-up.

Adult Faith Formation will be meeting during the same time in Assumption Hall. Jeff Wethington will be the facilitator. Topic is yet to be determined.


















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